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Becky's Story

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I lead a sort of active lifestyle, by that I mean I would sometimes attend gym classes but never fully commit.  But I wanted to find my 'thing'.  So I searched online and found Back to Netball in Camborne.  Going to something new with new people is always daunting, but the girls and coaches were so lovely and welcoming.  I found they coached in a way that would scale the warm up and training drills for all abilities and all fitness levels.  Each week I would see development in how I play and remember some of the rules from when I used to play in school. 

After attending for a few months, I started to go to the Back to Netball in Truro as well - I suddenly realised I got the netball bug!  I loved it turning up for training on a Saturday morning there was good structure to the sessions and a mix of abilities from people just starting off to people that were very experienced players but a little rusty from not playing for a few years. 

Back to Netball is great, if you miss a session because you're meeting your friends for lunch it's no biggie.  The blocks of back to netball ran for 10 weeks.  I was able to attend B2N Camborne and in Truro and found myself really looking forward to the training sessions.  When there was talk of attending a B2N festival I was more than happy to put my name forward to play.  It was great to get together and play against other netball clubs. 

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I finished the season playing for Truro Back to Netball and I found it a great journey to then give me the confidence to look at netball teams and maybe join one - eek! We discussed in our back to netball group our next steps and where we go from here and some decided to stick to B2N and others decided they might want to take the plunge and join a club. For me I decided I wanted to join a club and Penzance was my club of choice.

I went to 'trials' it was nerve racking - I didn't know anyone but again everyone was lovely and it was more just a chance to play and meet new people than anything. I was pleased to be selected to play in the 4th team. The next daunting step was wearing the netball dress!

Playing as part of a team is a great feeling and all working together and contributing to the game is what gives netball that buzz. For me now playing at Penzance netball club and competing in games is a great escape and gives me the chance to forget about work and totally de-stress.

Since getting back into leading an active lifestyle I have seen my fitness levels increase and I found myself looking for my next challenge so I signed myself up for CrossFit. This was a big step, totally out of my comfort zone, but feeling like I had achieved a level of fitness it was onto the next challenge. I joined CrossFit with the view to lose weight to be able to "up my game" and get stronger. It definitely does benefit my netball game play as well supporting with my training to be fitter.

I know playing B2N was the catalyst for me getting back into exercise and activity, I now go to Crossfit before work ask me 6 x months ago I was not a morning person. For the future I plan to continue to play netball for Penzance and over time I would like to develop my netball skills and move into the 3rd team as I develop as a player.

Becky Lush now netballer and cross fitter (this used to say loves tea and cake).

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