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Super Ageing Cornwall - an opportunity to Live Longer Better

A "super-aged" population is one where more than 1 in 5 people are aged 65 or older. Japan and Germany are already super-aged. By 2030, the USA, UK, France and Singapore will all be super-aged.

In Cornwall more than 25% of the population is already aged over 65 and this will rise to 29% in the next few years. So yes we are super ageing!

Being super aged is not necessarily a bad thing, it brings with it life experience, contentment and a time to enjoy life without the constraints of having to go to work. Or at least it should all things being equal. Covid had of course taken some of the freedom away, at least in the short term. For many  with long term health conditions Covid continues to constrain their activities as they remain understandably cautious about returning to activities of the past. Bowls England for instance reports memberships down by about 13% on pre pandemic numbers.

The real problem for us in Cornwall is that we are super ageing and poorly with it as well. We live less of our lives in good health than in other parts of the country, though we live about the same length of time. We spend more of our later years in poor health with long term conditions. It is not for nothing that we are called the sick person of Europe. This has an impact on our economy, reducing our productivity, making greater calls on the time and resources of health and care services and taking a bigger share of the health budget. For many there is also the strain and worry of living with long term conditions, a loss of confidence and feeling that you are able to do less.

The biggest surprise to many is that it does not always have to be like this! Much of the decline that comes with age can be held back for many years, into our 80s or 90s. Ageing is inevitable but the decline and disease which comes with it is not.

There's a new piece of work that aims to begin to tackle this problem, it's called 'Live Longer Better' and aims to help us all have an increased 'healthspan', otherwise known as living more years in good health. Being more active is a key part of the solution.

You can hear more about the approach by joining us at one or both of the following events.

Wednesday 6th October from 10 -11.30am for a virtual national thought leadership event on the topic of Living Longer Better and/or join our first ...

... NetWalking event on Friday 15th October 2021, at Cardinham Woods, Bodmin, from 10am - 12 noon.

The purpose of the morning is to start to develop a network of like minded people who feel strongly about helping more people, live more of their lives in good health.

We will start with a warm welcome outside the Woods CafĂ© and introductions before heading off on  a level 1.5mile networking walk in Cardinham Woods, followed by refreshments on our return.

Over refreshments we will provide an introduction to the Live Longer Better programme and the work to date. You will have the opportunity to meet new people with an interest in this work and

form new relationships to help you in your own work. We will share with you the interconnected nature of people and organisations involved in this work, and invite you to help build the network further.

Everyone attending will receive a free 'Living Longer Better' course, from online learning leaders 'Learning with Experts' valued at £35 when purchased separately. The course features Sir Muir Grey,

former Chief Knowledge Officer of the NHS as well as popular TV doctor Dr Xand van Tulleken.

Feel free to forward this invite to anyone who you think will find this event of interest.

If you would like to attend or want to know  more about either event please contact Rachel Faulkner at