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Summer Activities in Cornwall 2020

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Getting outdoors and being active in green, and blue spaces, or even better both is a way of boosting mental wellbeing.

Whether it's taking regular walks in the park, flying a kite on the beach, climbing rocks or mixing between the two, exercising in blue and green spaces is proven to have huge benefits for mental health.

The Countryside Recreation Network states: 'There is substantial evidence that links the natural environment with good physical health and psychological wellbeing,' and that 'both physical activity and nature can positively affect wellbeing.'

In Cornwall we are lucky to have 422 miles of coastline with plenty of green spaces inland. As a result of the school closures, getting children out in these spaces and interacting with their families and other young people will significantly help ease any anxiety as well as providing an opportunity to have fun and learn new skills.

Take a look at the document below to find out what's on this summer!

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