Coronavirus, an update from Active Cornwall

Criteria change for Sport England's Return to Play Fund

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Sport England has changed the criteria for the Return to Play fund, in line with lockdown measures.

Due to the announcement of the new national lockdown measures Sport England has adapted the Return to Play Small Grants programme to help further:
Organisations based in Indices of Multiple Deprivation (IMD) 1-5 can now seek support towards ongoing running costs - for example rent, utilities and insurance. This is capped at a maximum of £3,000 and will only be considered with an eligible funding request. They also won't solely support only running costs.

Eligible organisations/activities in IMD 6-10 locations can apply to their crowdfunding option, Return to Play: Active Together, to seek support towards running costs.

Flexibility over start date - with Sport England asking that activity resumes within six weeks of national/local lockdown restrictions being lifted.

Increased their total budget by £5 million to support more organisations.

Extended the programme and it will remain open up to 30 June 2021.

There are also additional points of note, for existing awardees e.g. repurposing part of your award.

These are just the summary points, further information can be found on Sport England's website, for both potential and existing awardees, regarding the programme and the changes.

To find out more visit the Sport England website