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Mike Thomas

Staying home has become a way of life for all of us these past weeks. Getting fully back to the activities we enjoy is going to happen gradually and right now there is uncertainty in when that will happen. If you are able, now is a great time to be planning how that resumption will happen, whether for your organisation, your place or yourself. How will you make your offer attractive to existing and new participants?

There are fears that people will have moved onto other things beyond sport and physical activity, so don't take it for granted, that all those familiar faces will return. Now is therefore a good time to remind those you help to get active, that you are still around and thinking about the future. Have you asked them what they are most looking forward to? or things they would like to see done differently?

Many things are uncertain, though you can be pretty sure that a simple e-mail or facebook post talking about the future will be much welcomed by participants, volunteers and coaches. We are all feeling the need to be connected. Why not ask if they are able to stay active during lockdown and what activities they are doing. 

We know that this year will still have many differences. Major events like Glastonbury and the British Indoor Athletics Championships have been cancelled. Rumours are circulating that the Olympics will not take place. And yet I see while taking my daily exercise, people who are still finding ways to be active, from the lone rugby player kicking balls in the dusk as the rain sweeps across the field, a distant figure running sprint repetitions on the beach just above the incoming tide and bizarrely someone firing arrows at a pumpkin! It all counts as exercise. And let's not forget those out walking with or without their dogs getting their valuable daily exercise. They smile at me as I jog past in a hailstorm and I smile back, because I'm having fun, that's what activity does for me.

If you have stories or anecdotes about your lockdown activity experiences why not share them with us. How is your organisation getting on? How are you preparing for getting back to activity? What is the strangest lockdown activity you have seen? 

Stay home, stay safe and stay active.

Mike Thomas
Director, Active Cornwall

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