Active Coaches

Cornwall Minimum Standards for Deployment

It is recognised and supported that coaches need to have certain knowledge and skills in order to coach safely and effectively; and be able to help children, players and athletes at all stages of their development.

The knowledge and skills a coach needs to have/develop depends on:

  • Their role (e.g.) coach/assistant coach
  • Who they are working with (children, young people, adults)
  • At what level they are working at (e.g. Children's Coaching , Participation Coaching, Performance Development Coaching and High Performance Coaching 
  • What environment they are working in (e.g. community setting or in a school)

These standards have been developed by sports coach UK and have been adopted by CSP, schools, NGBs and Cornwall Council, and will need to be achieved by every coach working with the curriculum setting.

Many governing bodies of sport have coach registration and licensing schemes in place.

These schemes recognise coaches who:
• are qualified
• are active
• meet the minimum standards the sport deems are required to coach in their sport
• stay current by regularly undertaking continuing personal development (CPD) to maintain licensed status (part of many schemes).

As well as the quality assurance element of schemes (coach registration or licence schemes require coaches to meet a minimum set of standards), governing bodies of sport also have schemes in place to:
• ensure frequent communication with coaches
• offer better targeted support and benefits to coaches

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