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Coach Development


A diverse and happy workforce providing personalised coaching to support both an active county and an accessible, inclusive pipeline.

A coach is someone who provides:

  • Support & Advice
  • Encouragement & Goal Setting
  • Needs to be SAFE (insurance) and EFFECTIVE (knowledge / qualification)

The Coaching Plan for England provides a strong vision and leadership for the coaching sector.  In partnership with Sport England and Sports Coach UK, we work to develop coaching in Cornwall by achieving FOUR key objectives:

  1. TALENT - Support local coaches working in the first selective environment
  2. RECRUIT & DEVELOP frontline coaches targeting women, girls and those with a disability
  3. SUPPORT the workforce delivering Sport England funded programmes
  4. CHAMPION sports coaching and the role of the COACH focusing on - broader definition, expertise the sector wants and championing the benefits of coaching

How do we learn?

  • 70% of people learn from workplace integration - doing it!
  • 20% of learning via others - mentoring
  • 10% of learning via events - courses

Because of this we will focus on supporting coaches within the field not just delivering courses & workshops!

Working with a number of partners, we ensure that not only do we have the right number of coaches to support sport in our area, but that these coaches are professionally managed, suitably qualified, sufficiently competent and appropriately rewarded.

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This will also enable coaches to have increased opportunities for employment and lead towards more sustainable coaching roles.

If you are keen to develop your skills and enhance your qualifications, click here to see what courses are currently available in the county.