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Eating a balanced diet and keeping fit are two ways to help maintain good health. Ensuring that children get the right vitamins and minerals in their diet will help them grow and develop optimally, giving them more energy and making them more likely to progress well with school and in other areas of their lives. Taking a whole family approach not only means setting a good example for the kids but helping everyone in the family get fit and healthy!

We've got information and ways that you can help yourself to eating more healthily as a family. If you need a little extra support we're here to help. 

Please contact Shelley Jamieson ( for any advice and support that you need whether you are a provider trying to understand if your food provision will meet School food Standards or even a parent or guardian looking for new ways to create healthy diets for everyone in your home.

Useful Links:

Start4Life - information and recipe ideas to help young members of your family

Change4life - has lots of recipes and sugar friendly ideas as well as snack swaps.

Healthy breakfast ideas - download and use some of our healthy breakfast ideas

Healthy snack ideas - download our ideas for making healthy snack swaps

Healthy lunchbox ideas - download and use some of our healthy lunchbox suggestions

Portion sizes - here's a helpful guide on portion sizes for the smaller people in our households