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Active Travel for Education

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Many families have recently been enjoying walking, running, scooting and cycling as part of their new daily routine and here at Active Cornwall we want to encourage families in Cornwall to keep this going as they head back to school.

Cornwall Active Travel for Education, created in partnership with Sustrans, the Bikeability Trust and Cornwall Council, will encourage families to increase their levels of active travel to and from school, even by just a little bit and will highlight the many benefits this can have.

The campaign will focus on the following nine benefits from Sustrans that actively travelling to school can have:

  1. Build activity into the whole family's routine
  2. It's a boost for your mental health and wellbeing
  3. It's the best way to start the day!
  4. It will help ease congestion outside the school gate
  5. It's good for the environment
  6. It increases children's road safety awareness
  7. It lets you connect with the world around you
  8. You'll save money
  9. Think of all the fresh air, freedom and fun you'll have along the way

There are so many more benefits to actively travelling to school which can be found on the Sustrans website here and the Cornwall Council Active Travel webpage here. The new Sustrans Active Travel Toolkit produced in partnership with Cornwall Council includes practical resources for schools and parents to support you on your journey to increase levels of Active Travel.


As part of the campaign we are calling for teachers, parents and carers to 'Make a Pledge' to increase their own amount of active travel or that of its school, however small, and also become a local Cornwall Active Travel Champion and help us spread the word within your community.


Thank you to those who have become a Cornwall Active Travel Champion!

Here is a look at the current tallies:

Keep a look out on the Active Cornwall Facebook Page for more information on the Cornwall Active Travel Campaign and please help us spread the message by following us and sharing our posts #CornwallActiveTravel