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David Parr

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David Parr
Member of the CSP Advisory Board with 'championing' roles on safeguarding, risk management, governance matters to check and challenge

What skills & experience do you bring to the CSP Board?
Professional qualifications, chemical engineer, chartered environmentalist etc with 35 + years regulating industry etc. In later years transferred to developing risk based regulatory policies/tools that are now implemented across the Environment Agency and other bodies (linked with HMGs modernising regulation work). This past work experience means I am able to offer insight into effective risk management/governance and improved decision making with my board colleagues

Tell us a little bit about yourself:
I was born in Leamington Spa of service parents with the one main constant being my family connection with Cornwall. I was finally able to take this up in 1996 (just meant numerous long commutes for work over the years!). My original work was in the plastics/man-made fibre industry with training being via technical college/polytechnic i.e. day or block release and continued for my working life - there has been very little time for sport but health problems meant I needed to find "the time". Early on I used to play rugby, sprint cycle and archery but these were taken over by golf and bowls - the time away from work was important and helps put matters back into perspective I found. Back in the late 1970s I took up bowls for that reason, became club secretary, county committee member etc, qualified coach (level 3) - I believe in putting back into sport what you get out personally. Fortunately I have been successful in bowls representing England in British Isles championships 2014 with my three colleagues, winning other national championships etc over the years. Now in county sides I am viewed as "one of the senior players" and expected to perform when the pressure is on. I still enjoy playing sport at the highest level and like most get annoyed if my own performance does not match what I would anticipate (driven I think the word is) - but fortunately I can still relax when playing inter club matches with club mates, but I still like to win.

What do you like to do in your free/spare time?
Spare time, since retirement I do not have much of that. My bowls admin work (chair of the county association, chair county development group, rep to NGB) plus playing in those competitions now open to the retired takes up most of my time. However,  if possible, I like gardening, looking after some 500+ cacti and succulents, reading (mostly technical journals from various institutes that I remain a member of) and the very occasional pint (but I do walk to and from the pub!)