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County Safeguarding Officer

Vacancy: County Safeguarding Officer

Role: Part Time, 22.5 hours a week, flexible

Remuneration: £15,000 per annum plus a pension

Cornwall Cricket Board are looking for a professional County Safeguarding Officer (CSO) to support and safeguard the cricket environments across Cornwall.


The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) and Cornwall Cricket Board are committed to ensuring that all children* and adults who participate in Cricket are made welcome and have a safe and positive experience within the cricket. The safeguarding and support of children adults in cricket is of paramount importance us all. (*Children refer to those aged under 18 years)

The County Safeguarding Officer acts proactively as a source of advice and support on Safeguarding matters to the Board and Clubs. The County Safeguarding Officer will provide local leadership around county safeguarding and is a champion of safeguarding in the county at all levels of the game.

This individual will provide an important link between the ECB Safeguarding Team and the club game, disseminating information in the County, and providing vital local knowledge and support in managing and investigating incidents and concerns. The individual will represent the ECB locally in relevant safeguarding settings and attend relevant meetings. County Safeguarding Officers should where requested attend County Board meetings. The incumbent will be loaned a laptop and mobile phone to use for the purposes of the role.

Key Relationships

County Board, Club Safeguarding Officers, ECB Safeguarding Team, Local Services including Childrens Services (Social Services) especially LADO (Local Authority Designated Officers) and County Sports Partnerships, ECB training Team, NSPCC, CPSU, LSCB's, Police and others.

Core Knowledge

  • A good understanding of Child Safeguarding and Adults at Risk.
  • Good knowledge of relevant legislation and government guidance.
  • Understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the statutory agencies within Child & adult Safeguarding.
    (Children's Services, Police, Cornwall LADO) and the procedures for reporting safeguarding concerns to those agencies.
  • Awareness of how statutory agencies investigate concerns and understanding of the information they may need from the CSO.
  • Knowledge of how to put into practice the ECB's 'Safe Hands - Cricket's Policy for Safeguarding Children' and the related 'Complaints and Disciplinary Procedure'.
  • An in-depth knowledge of ECB guidance and directives regarding young people's involvement in playing the game and the confidence to challenge breaches of directives.
  • An understanding of the different forms of behaviour that occur within and outside of sport which are harmful to children, from poor practice to child abuse. An understanding of the potential emotional impact of an incident or allegation upon all concerned.
  • An understanding or regulations concerning the involvement of players and coaches (awareness of the need for them to have vetting checks if necessary, and overseas check)

Core Tasks

  • To act as Cornwall's single point of contact in Cricket for Safeguarding matters in respect of the statutory agencies and, where necessary, to liaise with these agencies.
  • To raise the profile and importance of Safeguarding in Cornwall across all forms of the game.
  • To support and manage a team of volunteer County Board Safeguarding Officers responsible for aspects of the game and provide the Chief Cricket Officer and CCB Director responsible for Safeguarding with the necessary updates and reports.
  • Maintain a database of Staff and Volunteer qualifications and work towards amending issues.
  • Enable training across Cornwall.
  • To act as the ECB's single point of contact for Child Safeguarding matters, supporting the County Board, League/Club Safeguarding Officers, clubs and others to understand and enact their safeguarding responsibilities.
  • To help safeguard young people by assisting in the promotion and implementation of the 'ECB Safe Hands - Cricket's Policy for Safeguarding Children' and the related 'Complaints and Disciplinary Procedure' at all levels.
  • To engage with all agencies to fulfil their duties of investigation and associated decision-making.
  • To support the education and training of others in Cricket at the county and club level in respect of Child Safeguarding, including attendance at all 'Safe Hands' courses.
  • To provide Child Safeguarding advice and support to League/Club Safeguarding Officers.
  • To support League and Club Safeguarding Officers throughout the process of a referral, investigation, and to make recommendations of support to others in the club as appropriate.
  • To refer serious or complex safeguarding concerns to the ECB Child Protection team.
  • To look into and manage local issues as agreed with the ECB Safeguarding team.

Core Skills

  • Ability to administer, organise and plan administrative procedures.
  • Ability to record information received in a relevant, legal and confidential manner; ability to advise Club Safeguarding Officers on recording information appropriately.
  • Ability to act as a local source of advice on Child Safeguarding matters.
  • Ability to promote the interests of Children within Cricket, including helping clubs and Club Safeguarding Officers to seek Children's views.
  • Ability to represent the needs of children, and our duties towards them, in all settings.
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills.

Core Qualifications

  • Experience of working as a safeguarding lead
  • ECB Safe Hands trained
  • A Valid DBS vetting check


If you would like to apply for this important role across Cornwall please contact Joe Skinner at or 01872 267138 / 07785 722251.

Closing date for all Applications will be 8th October, after which we will conduct suitable formal interviews.

If you would like to know more about the role, please pick up the phone or email.